General Background

Agro Techno Park (ATP) has a total land area of 120 acres consisting of two (2) locations, namely ATP UMK Bachok Campus and ATP UMK Jeli Campus, which have an area of 75 and 45 acres, respectively. The ATP is an agricultural area provided by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) for teaching and learning activities and research to students and is one of the reference places to the general public and the main focus to the local community.


In ATP Jeli Campus, the topographic area is hilly and has loam and sandy loam soils that are suitable for agricultural activities. The ATP Jeli Campus is lead by a Director followed by two Agricultural Officers and four supporting staffs. The organizational chart of ATP Jeli Campus is as follows: 




Basically, there are two main divisions available in ATP Jeli Campus, namely Crop Division and Livestock Division. 

The components of Crop Division are as follows: 

Net House Equipped with Fertigation Technology 

Vegetables Cultivation by using NFT System




Fruit Trees


Durian Germplasm Cultivation Area

Secret Garden (Landscaping)


ATP Jeli Campus is also equipped with several facilities/infrastructures for teaching and learning, research, and training. The facilities are as follows: 

Plant Breeding Net House I

Plant Breeding Net House II 


Net House 

Compost House 


Goat Shelter


Chicken Coop