Greetings and Salam Sejahtera, 


In my name, Dr. Ch’ng Huck Ywih and on behalf of Agro Techno Park (ATP) of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), I am pleased and honoured to welcome you all to the ATP official portal.


Please allow me first to thank the UMK Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Ts. Dr. Noor Azizi Bin Ismail and UMK Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ts. Dr. Arham Bin Abdullah for the trust, confidence and support they have provided for appointing me as the Director of ATP starting in January 2021. It is my honour and privilege to accept this position.


One of the backbones of a country’s economy like that of Malaysia’s, is the Agriculture. One of the oldest practices that made humans more civilized is Agriculture, and it has been in practice for more than over a thousand years. Agriculture is the art or rather the science of cultivating soil, growing and then harvesting. Rising of livestock is also considered to be a part of Agriculture. If we are, to sum up, what Agriculture means in the broadest sense in modern time, then we can say that it includes the cultivation of plants and the domestication of animals for human use and marketing. Malaysia is a very prosperous country when it comes to Agriculture. The climatic conditions over different parts of Malaysia are suitable for the various crop growths.


With the advancement of technology, more modern innovations and equipment have been introduced to replace traditional farming methods. This evolution in farming has brought new heights to Agricultural development. Hence, we in ATP are always there to innovate the farming systems and to provide the best of our services in teaching and learning, research, developing agricultural innovations and technologies for showcasing purposes,  providing services to the community, and generating income to support the university.


Thank you and we always look forward to serving you better!




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