The objectives of Agro Techno Park of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan are as follows: 


Empower UMK as a center of modern agricultural excellence

• ATP provides support services to meet the functional needs such as assisting in field teaching and practicals for all faculties. 


• Provision of Research Facilities

• Assist in providing existing site or infrastructure facilities for research purposes to students and lecturers at UMK.

• ‘Agriculture Technology Showcase’

• Plan and develop agricultural infrastructure "Agriculture Technology Showcase" for reference to students in general, staff and the general public.


• Student Entrepreneurship (Student Company)

• Support student entrepreneurship programs (student companies)


• Technical Advice and Training Services

• Provide technical advice and training assistance to UMK residents and the local community in the field of agriculture and livestock.


• Income Generation

• Implement university income generation activities.